Hugh Phillips

As one of Canada's premier trainers and facilitators, Hugh Phillips has conducted training with more than 60 000 Canadians.

Hugh's workshops are noted for their emphasis on practical "how-to" skills that participants can put to work right away. His unique blend of innovative and responsive styles is a product of 20 years experience in professional development and a strong commitment to continued learning.

If its credentials you want, Hugh has them. He has four university degrees including a Masters of Education. Hugh has been an active member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, a former Executive Director of a national educational foundation (SEEDS). He is currently president of HP TrainingWorks Inc.

It has been said that a day spent learning with Hugh Phillips will pay dividends for your entire career. That's because training is his career. The dynamic skills and techniques Hugh has learned will help you maximize and utilize your learning.

In sum, with Hugh you'll enjoy one of the best educational experiences available - a learning event packed with practical techniques, insights and ideas to help you perform at your peak!

Hugh Phillips
President, HP TrainingWorks Inc.


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